i see your messages guys and i’ll answer them this evening sorry

23 Jul 14 01pm
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Behold: florida man driving his pimped out golf cart with his enormous poodle in the passenger seat through the mcdonalds drive thru

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if u ever feel unfit just remember that commander shepard, top n7 marine, can run for approximately 5 seconds before gasping for breath and having to slow down

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eye detail at miu miu fall 2008

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i have mixed feelings about this


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what if you spoke in your icon’s voice for an entire week

I would be much happier.

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Marco would make him flower crowns and tell him cute things and I can’t.

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serah-alenko replied to your post: …
I faked having a cat allergy when I was stuck in the same situation….

that’s genius why didn’t i think to do that at the start

22 Jul 14 06pm
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sometimes i watch my mom’s friend’s dogs and cats, which isn’t that big of a deal usually, but now her friends are asking me to watch their dogs and i really. really. really. don’t want to do that for anyone else. it’s too much to deal with but i don’t know how to tell them that yet.

22 Jul 14 06pm
#kara for ts #i don't even like dogs and i don't know these people #i've had bad experiences with watching strangers' pets and this would make me very uncomfortable #but they've texted me and now i have to reply to them....


Ferelden | The smell of wet dog fills your nose, and the crisp air bites at your fingers as you walk through muddy streets to get to your inn. Your home for the night is filled with many travelers and locals alike, and the music is calm compared to that of Orlais or Antiva. The stories of the Wardens are entertaining to be sure, but you find yourself more interested in the stories of mabari war hounds and their inspiring loyalty. Perhaps during your travels you’ll find one to accompany you.

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